_Cross_  Christians Focus on the Resurrection


      Mark 8:34 (NLT) Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

Each time you make the sacrifice to break a bad habit for yourself, or to

help someone in need, that is the meaning of ‘carrying your cross’.


What could be more important than being able to spend eternity with

your families and friends? Every day I find how little I know, but I do

not feel discouraged since God has given me an eternity in which to

learn more. Immortal beings have an eternity to learn the rules about

good and evil. The beginning of wisdom is the beginning of Knowledge.


John 12:32… And when I am lifted up from the earth (the world will

understand Jesus’ philosophy) I will attract all people toward Me

(through CNN News, Fox News, Facebook, Google, etc.)


Living millions of years should be enough time to text tweets to your

lovely families and friends until you do not have the need to tweet with

your fingers anymore. In the future our hands will have no use for

communication. We will have other methods of communication

including telepathic communication (between two minds separated

over a distance without the use of the five known senses).


Mark 13:31 Heaven (Galaxy or our Subconscious) and earth will pass

away (will end), but my words (the Holy Spirit) will never pass away.


Ephesians 4:3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through

the bond of peace.


1 Corinthians 15:45 So it is written: The first man Adam became a living

being; the last Adam (Jesus), a life-giving spirit.


One way or the other everyone will become Spirit. If you do not make

an effort to become the Spirit of God, then God will disconnect from

you and you will become a demonic spirit forever. You cannot avoid it!

Many people make a big deal out of hell, but in reality, hell is simply a

separation from God. If you are destined to go in hell it is because you

have chosen to go in hell even though it is a terrible state of mind to be.

You will have had all the opportunities you needed to avoid hell, but

you will prefer going in hell instead of joining us and living happily for



1 Corinthians 15:53… the imperishable… the mortal with immortality.


John 3:17 For God did not send his Son (Jesus) into the world to condemn

the world, but to save the world through him (by dying on the Cross).

What Does Eternity Mean?

Eternity is referred to all the time by mankind (three dimensional world

excluding the bible) & the Christian viewpoint. But stop and think about

it for a moment, what does it mean? Many think that eternity means a

really long time or endless time. These concepts are helpful to some, but

they are not really accurate descriptions of eternity.


The difficulty we have is that we are creatures bound by time trying to

describe a timeless God. Our minds cannot comprehend eternity, but we

can make claims about what eternity is not.


Eternity literally means timelessness. It refers to the nonexistence of

time. God lives outside of time and is not limited by time. Although the

universe he created is in time, God is not.


Time marks the beginning of created existence, and because God never

began to exist it can have no application to him. Time is known to us by

a succession of events or the internal time clock in our bodies. It is the

way we account for consecutive changes in the universe.


God does not experience anything as a sequence of events. He does not

think or act in terms of step #1 then step #2 then step #3. He experiences

everything as one Eternal Now. He sees our entire earthly existence in

one eternal instant.


An interesting footnote to this issue of eternity is that modern science

claims that time, space, and matter are corelative, meaning they exist in

relation to each other. According to mankind’s point of view, if God is in

time then He must also be made of matter and take up space. This would

mean a God who is limited by time, space, and matter. Hardly the God

described in the Bible (that God has no limitations).


We are living now in the world of Quantum Mechanics or the material

world. Soon we will Live Eternally in the world of Quantum Physics.

Angels of Heaven have been using this tool for 20 million years. It is

time for us to begin to take advantage of it. This tool will bring us closer

to the unknown God of Lights. From now on we will focus our attention

on pure light which is the healing light of faith. This method of thinking

will bring us closer to God the Father.

I Wish I Had More Time!


 It is critical to take time to decide between “Hell or Heaven”

You have probably heard this saying many times before, “If only I had

more time!” The good news is the focus of our websites is mainly about

making more time to solve all problems. The reason we (mankind in

general) have so many problems is because we are trapped in the

present time and let the problems come to us. If we could do something

about these problems before they get to us, then most problems would

be solved ahead of time. Our civilization would be more in control of

the future than it is now.


Example: Angels who live in the future never have to deal with the

problem of not having enough time. They have the ability to move a few

steps ahead of the present time. Because of this, Angels can solve every

problem that comes up before complications reach the present time.

Their present is the future. When they look back at us we become the

past for them.

Like the 1985 Movie Called “Back to the Future”

Our primary goal (members of the website) is preparing our future to

defeat evil. The Guardian Angels always use the Holy Spirit as a tool to

fix problems the best they can for themselves and humans before the

present time reaches the future. The reason for that is because the

Angels Live in the Future.


You are probably asking yourselves this question: If the Angels of

Heaven are so advanced compared with us then why do they not share

their technology with us? It is because the Angels have made the

decision to live forever, and humanity has not even considered the idea

or are unaware that we have the capability to Live Eternally.


The Angels have no authority on earth to force us to change our ways.

Mankind must build their own destiny through Faith in God. If the

Angels were to impose their teaching on us on how to live, then at some

point we would be like slaves to them. Angels would burn a lot of

energy to constantly force us to change. This is the reason there will be

a judgment day. It is to eliminate those troublemakers who do not want

to live eternally and send them in hell. When evil is gone it will be

easier to interact with the Angels of Heaven and to learn about their

unbelievable high speed and advanced technology.


Example: A fly that lives only 15 to 30 days would not be compatible

with our lives of 80 to 100 years. For a human, the fly is there and then

it is gone. It is the same for us and the Angels who live millions of years.

If you are destined for hell it would be a waste of time to even be

friends with you. God prefers to look at us as Angels that will live

forever instead of humans that will cease to exist.


Stop for a minute and picture this; do you realize that Jesus is 2000

years old or young? Therefore, to compare Jesus with the Angels who

are 20 million years old, Jesus is still a little baby in this endless time!

Soon everyone will pay serious attention on how to live eternally

because no one will have any other choice. One good thing is certain;

we will not have to worry about running out of time! Everyone will live

Wealthy and Healthy Forever!

Our First Miracle will be to Reduce Drug Consumption

Society, in general, consumes many Doctor’s prescription pills and

illegal drugs today due to stress and an uncertain future. The best thing

about the Holy Spirit is you do not need to take drugs, because the Holy

Spirit is like a natural drug. The Holy Spirit (the Comforter) is an

invisible person and friend with great benefits of wealth and healing

power just for you.


Let us compare the Holy Spirit to illegal drugs; for example drugs cost a

lot of money, but on the other hand the Spirit is totally free of charge.

Our future websites will help you to take advantage of the Holy Spirit as

a Spiritual tool that everyone can use for Reversing Aging. Not buying

illegal drugs will do a great favor to society by reducing crime activity

everywhere and putting these evil drug dealers out of business.


Revelation 21:6… To anyone who is thirsty, I will give the water of life.

It is a free gift.

Matthew 5:14 You are the Light of the World

Proverbs 8:17  I love those who love me, and those (Scientists) who seek

me find me (the true identity of God).


Matthew 7:7 (NLT) … Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on

knocking, and the door will be opened to you.


Mark 16:17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe

(in achieving immortality): They will cast out demons in my name, and

they will speak in new languages (the Spiritual insight about Quantum

Physics, Psychology, with scientific formulas, Biblical Experts, etc.).


1 John 2:8 ...The darkness (our modern age) is passing away and the true

light (the space age) shines instead

Fatima's Third Secret

Our Lady of Fatima: Mother Mary

On the last visit, Oct. 13, 1917, the three children and 70,000 onlookers

beheld a series of solar transformations known as the Miracle of the Sun

in which the sun seemed to dance in the sky.


Francesco - Lucia - Jacinta

In 1917, in the village of Fatima, about 70 miles north of Lisbon in

Portugal, three peasant children reported seeing an apparition of the

blessed virgin Mary. They were about 8 years old. Lucia Santos, and her

cousins Francesco and Jacinta Marto.


On Sunday, May 13, 1917, the visions began. They were told to return

on the 13th of each month for six consecutive months. This they did and

received prophetic information from the visits. However; on October

13, 1917, before the miracle of the Sun, the heat from the sun event

dried the clothes of the witnesses in the crowd. Why were Mary and the

Angels of Heaven sent to Fatima? Mother Mary appeared to the children

of Fatima to inform them about the important Third Secret. The secret

was to warn the people of the world about the End Time (the end of all

evil ages with a new beginning referring to a Worldwide Utopia).

According to the Fatima's Third Secret


 Pope John Paul II was the Sign of the Time!

Pope John Paul II was chosen by God the Father to awaken many

Nations hopelessly in despair. John Paul’s mission was in part to engage

himself to visit as many countries as possible, and to encourage

mankind to keep-up the good faith in Jesus Christ. Following Pope John

Paul II was Pope Benedict 16th who was greatly in favor of the Fatima’s

third secret that is known worldwide today.


Hebrews 9:28 so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of

many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to

bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.


Isaiah 2:3  Many people shall come and say, come and let us go up to the

mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us

his ways, and we shall walk in His paths. For out of Zion shall go forth

the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

Isaiah 2:4 He (the Comforter) shall judge between the nations, and

rebuke many people; They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and

their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against

nation, Neither shall they learn war anymore.


Isaiah 2:9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, For

the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover

the sea.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


Jesus on a horse in the clouds with ten thousand Angels

Mark 13:26 Then everyone will see the Son of Man (Jesus) coming on the

clouds with great power and glory.


1 Peter 1:13 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your

hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at

his coming.


Most Christians see the second coming of the Christ as Jesus on a horse

in the clouds, but that is a myth. The real second coming will be much

more profound than anyone can imagine!


This will be the Real Second Coming of Christ for All Mankind to See.

Quantum Physics will be the ultimate solution to solve all problems on

Earth. Famine, Global Warming, Diseases, Wars, etc. will End. Every

natural disaster like Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Droughts, Meteorites,

Volcanoes, etc. will be reduced to almost nothing when Jesus comes back

with the mother ship.

 Rev. 21:5 Look, I Am Making Everything New!


    Yes Folks: We are entering the space age at full throttle!

In 2025 the New Jerusalem (Mother Ship) will come down just like in the

1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Revelation 21:2 (NLT) And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem (King

David for all nations), coming down from God out of heaven like a bride

beautifully dressed for her husband.


Acts 1:7 (NIV) He (Jesus) said to them: It is not for you to know the times

or dates the Father has set by his own authority. Ver.8 But you will

receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my

witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of

the earth. Ver.9 After he said this, he was taken up before their very

eyes, and a cloud (a space ship) hid him from their sight.

Acts 1:10 They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going,

when suddenly two men (Angels; Extraterrestrial Beings disguised as

men) dressed in white stood beside them. Ver.11 Men of Galilee, they

said, why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who

has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way

you have seen him go into heaven.


John 16:11 Judgment will come because the ruler of this world (Lucifer;

the spirit of matter) has already been judged (by humanity).

1 Corinthians 6:2 Do you not realize that someday we believers (in

Christ) will judge the world? And since you are going to judge the world,

you cannot decide even these little things among yourselves? Ver.3. You

do not realize that we will judge angels (Extraterrestrial Intelligence)? So

you should surely be able to resolve ordinary disputes (nations vs.

nations) in this life.

Revelation 21:10 So he (The Angel of God) took me in the Spirit to a great,

high mountain, and he showed me the holy city, Jerusalem (the Mother

Ship), descending out of heaven from God. Ver.11 It shone with the glory

of God and sparkled like a precious stone: like jasper as clear as crystal.

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the

whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. 

Quantum Physics (Modern Physics) is All about the Future

Extraterrestrial Intelligence will make contact with our civilization

officially for the first time in history! All media news reporters will be

on site to experience the events unfold. The Angels of Heaven, who are

now here on earth in Spirit, are not here to take control of our

civilization. They are here to help us permanently establish our

Worldwide Democracy for the beginning of the Millennium.


No righteous people with strong faith in God should fear the end of the

world (the years 2000 to 2025)! Instead everyone should rejoice about

the up-coming end time when evil will be the first to face Judgment Day!


Philippians 4:5 Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do.

Remember, the Lord is coming soon.


Revelation 1:7 Look! He comes with the clouds of heaven. And everyone

will see him, even those who pierced him. And all the nations of the

world will mourn for him. Yes, Amen!


Ezekiel 11:22 Then the cherubim lifted their wings and rose into the air

with their wheels beside them, and the glory of the God of Israel (Space

Ship) hovered above them.


Matthew 24:14 And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached

throughout (with our Websites) the whole world, so that all nations will

hear it; and then the end will come.